Cosmetic dentistry

The challenges faced by modern dentistry include not only healthy, but also beautiful teeth. In our everyday clinical activities, we are making every effort to make sure that each procedure fully combines the three following components: health, function, and beauty. Only in this way we guarantee our patients complete satisfaction with a given treatment. Not only does a beautiful smile equal higher spirits and greater self-confidence, but more and more frequently it is also becoming a job requirement. In cases of tooth and gum imperfections, we offer a vast array of treatments intended to ensure our patients a healthy and harmonious smile. These include: - only top-quality light-activated composite materials for the cosmetic restoration of front and back teeth, - safe vital tooth whitening, both employing the in-surgery and home (tray) whitening method, - whitening of stained dead teeth after a root canal therapy, - minimally invasive ceramic and composite veneers, - all-ceramic crowns (without a metal base), - onlay and overlay restorations, - diastema (the gap between the incisors) closure, - gum line and shape corrections.