Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a vast discipline that deals with basic tooth and gum treatment as well as the prevention of oral diseases. In conservative treatment, we use top-quality light-activated filling materials, which, apart from enormous durability, are also of high aesthetic value. Consequently, the treated teeth not only become healthy, but they also recover their function and natural look. Perfectly contoured, smooth and hermetic, fillings are also an extremely important condition for keeping gums healthy. Hygiene and tooth decay prevention We attach considerable weight to preventive care. We assume that prevention is better than cure. That is why we try to give each of our patients thorough instruction in personal hygiene, presenting proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques as well as pointing to the most common mistakes. Regular check-ups—at least once every 6 months—are another key issue. The most basic hygienic treatment is scaling: that is, the removal of plaque and calculus. It is also a principal element in the prevention of periodontitis, i.e. the inflammation of gums and periodontium. We carry out this treatment with the aid of an ultrasonic scaler with intensity regulation, which, to a great extent, allows eliminating dentin hypersensitivity during the procedure. We offer the following hygienic and preventive treatments: - ultrasonic scaling of teeth (the removal of calculus), - tooth polishing in order to eliminate calcium deposits on teeth and smooth their surface, - fluoridation (a treatment intended to build up resistance to tooth decay), - pit and fissure sealing (filling teeth pits and fissures on teeth’s surface with a special half-liquid, light-activated material in order to protect them from tooth decay (a treatment that children should undergo as soon as a tooth erupts)