Periodontology is a dental specialty focusing on the diagnostics and treatment of tissues that surround and support the teeth, as well as oral mucosa. Healthy gums and periodontium, along with healthy teeth, contribute to a beautiful smile.

Periodontal diseases, next to caries, are the most frequent cause of premature teeth loss. This is attributed primarily to insufficient oral hygiene and resulting development of dental plaque. Brushing teeth allows for regular removal of dental plaque, which otherwise undergoes the process of mineralization and creates tartar. Bacteria within the plaque and tartar can compromise the health of the gingiva, and once they penetrate the periodontium, they destroy the structures that support teeth in the alveoli. First symptoms that concern the patients include gingival redness, swelling and bleeding. In case of advanced periodontitis bone loss is observed with gum recession, root exposure, teeth mobility and teeth loss.

In our clinic we not only focus on prevention and treatment of lesions but also offer microbiology tests that allow us to confirm or rule out the presence of pathogens responsible for some of the types of periodontitis that are particularly resistant to standard treatment.